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Playing with Light

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Treasures from Tikashi cards

Treasures from Tikashi cards

Our most popular product

Choose a card daily from the box

for inspiration and guidance,

or use the set to give yourself a mini reading.

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Master Your Life - Generously Have First Best

Learn how to be generous to yourself without the extremes of

rescue or selfishness. Discover what 'first best' is for you and what

you can actively do to create first best in your life.

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Byahmee House brings to you Tikashi Wisdom

Practical tools and everyday techniques to empower you to achieve enlightenment.

Everyday Wisdom

Highly relevant and practical wisdom

Master Your Life

Explore our range of Master Your Life audio products covering a wide and varied range of personal and spiritual growth topics encompassing down-to-earth tools and techniques to support you in your daily life from Tikashi Wisdom. Easy downloadable formats available.

With greater awareness, changes can be made.


Clairvoyant Readings

A truly unique experience

Clairvoyant Readings

A Clairvoyant reading with one of Australia’s leading clairvoyants, Eschani is sure to bring valuable messages to you.

The connection with loved ones passed is a treasured experience and can bring peace, insight and love to your life.


Treasures from Tikashi

Our beautiful inspiration cards

Treasures from Tikashi

Our most popular product Treasures from Tikashi cards are presented in a delightful purple box containing 75 unique inspiration cards.

Draw a Treasures from Tikashi card daily for guidance or even utilise the set to complete a mini reading. They are in tune to what you need.


Consider what you would love to create,

Then do it.

~ Tikashi

Byahmee House:

Dedicated To Assisting You to Achieve Your Potential

We strive to bring you wisdom, insights and tools through products and services that you can implement everyday.

Life can be easy. We hear over and over again the statement that “Life isn’t supposed to be hard”. We agree! Life can be easy.

The wisdom from Tikashi and the resources we offer you are designed to support you to grow as a conscious human being, making life easy.

By living the wisdom, implementing the tools and receiving support you will make positive and long-lasting changes that will get you on track to the life you have always desired. We have simple ways to support you to break bad habits and release the past to regain control of your daily experiences and be a balanced, capable, confident, self-reliant and successful person.

Our Mission is to support your journey in realising your potential to create the life you truly desire. Using Tikashi’s wisdom we will remind you of the powerful and valuable being that you are, in order for you to take responsibility and ownership of your life. 
Ascended Master Tikashi has been channelled through Eschani Taylor since 1991. Tikashi has always stated that he is not a ‘teacher’ but a ‘reminder’ on the path to reaching your potential. 
Eschani Taylor and Geoffrey Hoiles are the founders and directors of Byahmee House. They are supported by Tamara Taylor as well as a small group of dedicated Tikashi Mastery Class members. Meet everyone here.

Use your Treasures from Tikashi cards for mini readings

Basic Reading – How to video